They always start with politeness. If they mark you as impolite, they are able to mark you as clearly and provably less than in some way, and then they are able to compartmentalize you in their head as a ‘problem’ person, further reaffirming their belief that you are what they think you are. They can’t even begin to fathom why someone might be insulted that they not only implied they were less than human but also implied that those who think the way they do could possibly, in any realm, be ‘allies.’ But then, of course, they see the only acceptable ‘ally’ as one who tries to ‘fix’ the people that they have already decided are beneath them, so I’m sure to this lunatic that article was written by a ‘pro-LGBT’ person.

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I write in the hopes that perhaps I may help others feel not so alone. Join my writing journey on twitter @kate_is_writing

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